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The company recently closed on a Series A financing.

Subsidiary Formed

We established Animal Health Specialties LLC to commercialize our technology platform for applications in veterinary medicine and animal production.

Intellectual Property

Three issued patent and four pending patents protect our technology platform.

NCI/NIH Grant Support

The National Cancer Institute continues to fund our underpinning research in cancer cachexia.




TCI Peptide's technology platform, protected by a family of patents and pending applications, allows us to modify peptides to perform better as drug candidates, with improved half-life, oral activity, and ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

One of TCI Peptide's core competencies is collaborating with other companies and institutions to reengineer peptides to be have better drug properties

TCI Peptide's Angiotensin (1-7) analog anti-tumor agent has been licensed and is in pre-clinical development.  Our cancer cachexia drug candidate is completing pre-clinical development.  Discovery programs are in progress with antimicrobial, anti-biofilm and antiviral peptides. 


TCI Peptide's lead drug candidate is a peptide therapeutic for treating cachexia due to cancer and other chronic conditions.

The company  was formed in 2009 to create best in class peptide drug candidates with better safety and efficacy properties than other drugs in the same class. 




Tensive Controls Cancer Cachexia Peptide platform